The Mexican Railroad System (MRS) is formed by 23,794 km of rail, divided into corridors operated mostly by publicly traded companies under long-term concessions.

Its principal function is to provide transportation for cargo between Mexico’s main seaports, border crosses and productive centers. In 2010, the MRS hauled 104.6 million tons (15.8% increase from 2009) and 78,800 million tons-kilometers (13.9% increase from 2009).

This represented 18.2% of total tons and 26.3% of total tons-kilometers transported by land in Mexico. The MRS also provides passenger transportation in isolated areas where no other means of transport are available (Chihuahua-Los Mochis) as well as in metropolitan areas (Mexico Valley Metropolitan Area Suburban Railroad) and in tourist attractions (Chihuahua-Los Mochis and Tequila Express).